Monday, 27 June 2016

Manu Tukutuku

Manu Tukutuku
This is our Manu Tukutuku, I had help from my friends to do this, I didn’t know what  to do so a girl called Manusina came along and help us, she asked us first if it was ok if she could help us, we said yes so we worked as a team. One  thing I was good at was learning from manusina how to do criss crossing  with the wool and I got the hang of it, it was really cool so I said thank you.

We done this for the Matariki celebration because it is a celebration. What Matariki means is the 7 sisters, they are all in a story the same story, these men found  these beautiful ladies and they were the 7 sisters and they saw them and went out with them, this one man did not like  the 7 sisters he thought they were evil, but the men did not care and they didn’t believe in him, so they went out with the 7  sisters. One day the 7 sisters had a plan  to kill  the men,and they  were  really skinny and you could  see their bones. The seven sisters turned into birds. They  got caught and got took away by the chief, he turned into a bird and he took the seven sisters  in outer space and became Matariki.

This is what you need to make your manu tukutuku, you will need toetoe, it is a type of plant,( stiff plant) you will need wool, any colour, only 2 colours, then you need to measure the length, the length is 100 cm so that is the ruler you need. You will also need flax to put on the kite because the wool you are gonna put on the three sticks is gonna make it tight, the wool will hold on to the kite so the flax never falls down, when you are making the kite you will need to make the wool really tight so the three stick’s hold on, tie them into a big note so it’s tight. My friend patrick had to draw a picture of his whānau/family, then he had to use a glue gun to stick it on and he had to use it the same as the wool,then the glue had to dry.

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