Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Olympic Art Work.
Screenshot 2016-09-22 at 9.52.27 AM.png
These are all the words that we had to put on our art work, we had to put the words outside the border and we had to make it fit.

My class and I created our own Olympic art.  We used Google to search up an olympic athlete.  Then we had to screenshot it so my teacher can print it off for us.  We also used metaphors and similes. The two bubbles down bottom are the speech bubbles and in these are my similes, and the one up top are the thought bubbles. In the thought bubbles are my metaphors.  Before we put our faces on our athlete’s body, we had to do a tessellation for our background.  We used a 3.8 triangle that created hexagons.  The tessellation I created, my shapes were not allowed to overlap and it can’t have any gaps.  It took us about 3 days to finish our art work..

Finally, our awesome artwork is hanging above us in Room 10!

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