Thursday, 7 April 2016


Here is some information about harakeke, which is also known as flax.  Flax can be found in gardens.  If you  want to use flax you will need to say a karakia/prayer first.  You can’t cut it when it’s raining and you can’t cut the flower when it’s flowering.  If you want to cut the harakeke you need to cut the outside, because  in the middle is the rito (baby), Mother and Dad (so the two  names are the same, awhi rito) then all of the  grandparents, so you need to be responsible and not cut the middle.  They are all protecting and giving us themselves because they're being nice and letting us have them,so that means the outside is doing the same as the  inside. So you only cut those ones that are outside,  because  it means  alot to the baby.

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  1. Nice Nav I had a read through and your writing taught some useful skills and things about harakeke