Thursday, 7 April 2016

Whanaungatanga - All About Me

This is my art, If you can see their is my work that I have done in the past 9 weeks and here's my work. This is my whanaungatanga, Manaakitanga, Identity, korus, Mihi and my photo . What whanaungatanga means is a sense of belonging to a group,  including your friends too. Manaakitanga means caring, partnership, and it also means what it means to you.

The yellow peace  art is my face, I had to cut the other peace of my face out and glue it in my Topic book cause its my drifart. When I have done that, I had to draw another face of me,on  my left  side of the paper and colour it in.

Down bottom where it says Nav is my korus, It presents my   family, so my Mum, Dad, sister, brother and me. If you can see on the right is  my mum, and on the left is my dad,  now in the middle is my brother, sister and me.

Ride at the top is my identity. It shows my culture and the Cook island flag. Its who you are. Sence I have done all those I glue them on a big peace of black paper.

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