Thursday, 7 April 2016

How To Weave A Box

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Look what team Respect  has done, we have weaved a box using our clear Instructions from our reading literacy book. First i am going to tell you the equipment you need so here it is,

Now moving on to the steps.

1. Garther all your equipment so you are ready to start.

2. Measure 10 strips of paper, 1 cm wide and 30 cm long.

3. Then you cut out the 10 strips of your paper.

4. After that you put your 5 paper on the ground neatly and get your other 5 and go up and down and keep
on doing it when you have got to the end.

5. once you have done step 4 you push them together so it looks like a box in the middle.

6.  When you have done step 5 you place the cellotape in the middle so it dose not mark it up, and you don't
have to do it again

7. Then you fold the 4 sides and put something on so it stays flat.

8. Then you take your thing off and measure the out side so you can put like step 4 but your 4 sides are up.

9. you have to cut out another 5 strips for your 4 sides. For this one you would need a buddy to help you to
do the cellortape.

10. About the cellortape you need to cellortape the paper so it stays in place
11. then repeat 12, 13 for the rimmaing strips.

12. When you have cellortaped the crones  it would look like this [ the picture down bottom.]

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